Homeshare Feasibility Study

Homeshare Feasibility Study
Edinburgh Cyrenians has received support from the Big Lottery Fund to look at the feasibility of implementing a Homeshare project in Edinburgh.

We need to speak to a number of older and younger people – both in groups and one-to-one conversations – about whether they think Homeshare is a good idea and might benefit them.

The Homeshare Model
Homeshare is an intergenerational housing project. It matches up people with different needs, who both have something to offer:

• an older person who needs some practical help or companionship and can offer a room for someone to stay in
– with –
• a younger person who needs affordable accommodation and is willing to provide a little support

The younger people are often students, or lower paid public service workers who cannot afford housing near their place of employment.

How does it work?
The younger sharer provides a set level of help and support (typically ten hours per week) to the older person whilst living in their home for a minimum of 6 months. The type of support will vary with each match, but Homeshare is not a regulated service and cannot include nursing or personal care.

Cyrenians would help the 2 people involved to draw up a formal agreement and would be on hand to make sure that things run smoothly.

We’d deal with enquiries and applications, including carrying out checks, and facilitating matching. In order to ensure the scheme runs safely and professionally, Cyrenians would employee a Homeshare Manager.

Further questions
We’d be pleased to answer further questions about Homeshare. We also need to ask questions of people who fit the Homeshare target market: if you can help us do that, we’d be most grateful!

Contact: Jane Saren, Edinburgh Cyrenians, tel 0131 475 2681

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