Helpsheet – Creating Zoom and email accounts

Creating Zoom and email accounts

Setting up an email account (Gmail)

There are many different email providers available. You may have heard of Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and many more. Most emails providers are free to set up and use.

Every email provider is slightly different but they all follow a similar layout which provides an Inbox to see messages you have received, an Outbox to see messages you have sent and a Compose option to type a new email.

There are many options available in order to help manage your messages but these three basics form the essentials of every email system.

To set up a Gmail account (also known as Google Mail email account), tap the Chrome icon to open up the internet. Chrome will be your browser (a browser is a programme to present and explore the World Wide Web). The icon will look like this:

Type Gmail into the google search bar and click on the link that says Gmail by Google.

Now click the blue box in the top right corner that says Create an Account.

Next, you will have to fill in the steps for what you would like your account to be. Your username will be the email address that you give out to other people, so try and make it memorable. Just keep in mind that these days there are millions of users on Gmail. So, you most likely won’t get an account name that matches your real name perfectly. To get around this, a lot of people use their full name followed by a random sequence of numbers.

For example, Terry Bollea might choose the username

For your password, it will need to be 8 letters, with a mix of numbers, letters & symbols.

Choosing a password

You should choose a password that is difficult for anybody else to guess. Avoid using obvious phrases such as ‘password123’ and instead go for a mixture of letters (upper case and lower case) plus numbers and symbols.

One tip for choosing a strong password is to think of three random items such as
zebra pipe castle
Then, put a number in between each item such as
Finally, make at least one letter upper case and add a symbol such as Zebra9pipe5castle2!
Next you may be asked to put in a phone number, to verify that it is really you. Google will then send a code to this phone that you will have to type into the box.

You will then be asked if you would like to add a “recovery“ email or your phone number for further account security.

Phone number and a secondary email address are optional, but it’s a good idea to include them since these will be the only way Google can confirm your account should you ever get locked out.

Once you accept the terms and conditions and click Continue to Gmail, you will find yourself looking at your brand new, empty inbox.

To send your first email, click on the Compose box in the upper left corner of the inbox.

Creating a Zoom Account

First, click on the Zoom app on your home screen. It looks like this:

Then click sign up, in the bottom left. You will need an email to do this, so make sure and create your Gmail first. You will first be asked to type in your date of birth. Once you click set, you will automatically be moved on to the next page where you need to add your email, first and last name.
Then click sign up in the bottom and an email will be sent to you with a verification link.

Go on to your email, click the blue button that says “Activate account”. They will then ask you if you are signing up on behalf of a school. You will then have to write your name (again) and create a password for your Zoom account, before clicking continue. It will then come up with an option to
invite others, however you can skip this step (button in the bottom right) and voila, your Zoom account is ready to use.

Go back to the Zoom app, click the button that says you verified yourself on another device, then when it moves you to the next screen, type in your username and password and you are ready to go.