Helpsheet – Online supermarket shopping

Online supermarket shopping


The purpose of this helpsheet is to help you walk through the steps to set up and then effectively use supermarket shopping.

For the purposes of this helpsheet, we have opted to use Sainsbury’s as they are a good example of how the process works. It is not a recommendation to use this chain, the general process is very similar for:

All of the major chains are safe and secure to use, though the usual guidelines that you use a UNIQUE PASSWORD for each site that you use must be followed.

This helpsheet covers both:
Online shopping and booking delivery; and online shopping for Click and Collect.

Initial registration

The first time that you use any online shopping service you need to register.

You will need to enter your email address, and a verification code will be sent to you that needs to be inputted.

You will then need to input your name and mobile number, and create a password. Please use a unique password for each site!

You will then be prompted to enter your postcode, and your Nectar card number if you have one.

Some of the supermarkets will ask for information on things like allergies at this stage, others ask this later.

Once you have registered, you will sometimes be asked to log on again for security.

Step 1 – Logging on

If you are registered you will simply log on to the site. You can then start to choose the items in your order.

Step 2 – Adding items

Sites will always remember the items you have purchased before, making it easier to select items on return visits. You can also, with some sites, tag items as favourites, so that they are suggested on future visits.

Selecting items is as simple as possible, you can e.g. select bakery and then bread and you will see all products, or enter a few letters or word e.g. “brown bread” and the site will show you only those items.

Clicking “add” will put the item into your virtual shopping basket.

You can look at your shopping basket at any point, amend the number of any item you ordered, or delete items.

Step 3 – Choosing a delivery slot

You can now choose to:

Click and Collect (or similar name) by which you say when you (or a friend or family member) will arrive at the named shop to uplift the packed items. There will be a location for you to pick up your order, but you will need a reference number or similar.

OR delivery, where you choose the date and time when your items will be delivered.

PLEASE NOTE – there IS a charge for delivery unless you have purchased an Annual Pass or similar, though deals and offers are often available.

Step 4 – Payment

Finally, you use your debit or credit card to pay for your order. You will get an on-screen confirmation that the order has completed properly, and an email confirming the order.