Helpsheet – WiFi and 4G for Android

WiFi and 4G for Android

WiFi (Internet)

WiFi is the name of a wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections. To search for anything online, access your email or do video calling, you will need to make sure you are connected to your WiFi first.

On your homepage, click the button that says Settings. The icon will look like this:

Then, click the part that says “Connections”

In this tab, you will find all of the different ways that you can connect this tablet to the internet. In this case, we are looking for WiFi. Make sure that the WiFi is switched on by checking that the small circle on the right is slid to the right and is blue.

Next, click on the word WiFi to open up a list of all available networks. Your WiFi will have a unique name and password. Find the WiFi you would like to use in the list of available networks and click on it. You will then be asked to type in the unique password, before you can click connect.

Be careful when typing as these passwords are always case sensitive and are usually a combination of upper and lower case characters.

It should then take you back to the original page, with a slight change. It should now say “Current Network” and underneath your network name, it will say “Connected”.

Mobile Data

4G (Mobile Data) is the fourth generation of mobile phone technology. Mobile data is one way that mobile (or tablet) device users can gain wireless access to the internet. This is normally through a monthly contract, similar to how you pay for a landline. The 4G should be switched on anytime you are not within range of a WiFi signal.

To switch on Mobile Data, put your finger in the top left of the screen and swipe down. Then put your finger on the small line at the bottom of the menu and swipe down again to make this menu even larger. Click the symbol with an upwards arrow next to a downwards arrow to switch on
Mobile Data. When switched on, it should turn blue and look like this:

Your tablet is now ready to access the internet.

Common Troubleshooting Problems

  • WiFi & Mobile Data have been switched off, you will need one or the other to access the internet.
  • Wrong password has been entered. It will likely be a combination of upper and lower case, make sure you are getting that correct.
  • If you get an error whilst trying to access a webpage, try a different website. The problem could be on their end, not yours.
  • Try turning the tablet off and back on again. Sometimes they just need a reboot!