Making a difference: the first beneficiaries of our IT gifting service

Making a difference: the first beneficiaries of our IT gifting service

In July, we began our new partnership with the Edinburgh Remakery where they provided us with free, refurbished laptops for our learners. It’s been a few weeks, so we’ve checked in with some of the beneficiaries of the laptops to see how they’re getting on!

If you are over 50 and in need of a new laptop, we can help – just contact Katie here. We can also provide tailored one-to-one tuition on how to make the best use of your laptop!


Woman with short white hair smiling with a new laptop

“My laptop is great. It will come in handy if we have another lockdown. I’m able to contact family and see faces as well as professionals, the local forum, and GP surgery. I’m certainly enjoying using the laptop and it will benefit me a lot with my mental health.”


Man on his new laptop

“My new laptop will help me a lot, especially when managing household and financial business. Being able to access the Internet and receive emails are such an essential part of modern life now and I’m now able to manage my affairs much more easily. I’m also looking forward to learning how to do online shopping so the laptop will ‘future-proof’ my life and afford me a better level of independence as I get older.”


“Excellent service and after-service. Very friendly and approachable. I am so pleased. I can highly recommend.”


“During the time that I have had my PC from ACE IT, I have found it a blessing. It has given me the ability to keep track of World Events. Also I have been using it to improve my typing skills and refresh other IT skills that I first learned a long time ago.

“Furthermore I look forward to using the PC to do research on some new interests so that I, through the PC, can broaden my horizons. Not only that but if I encounter any difficulty in learning any new subjects – I can log in to Microsoft Edge or Wikipedia to help learn in laymans terms these subjects. My point in all of this? Having a PC is going to be a terrific boost to me!”