Moose in the Hoose

What is Moose in the Hoose?

Moose in the Hoose is an outreach project run by ACE IT in Edinburgh care homes. Trained ACE IT teams lead weekly IT sessions for residents in 5 Edinburgh care homes. For a couple of hours, residents enjoy a variety of activities in a relaxed and supportive group setting. 

People in the group have different abilities and interests. The team carefully select activities around individual needs so everybody is engaged. Volunteers may support residents to use Skype and email, play card games, colour in, reminisce about Edinburgh in days gone by, or browse music on YouTube.

Most importantly, the sessions help to build relationships, reduce loneliness and enable the residents to see IT as something that can enhance their lives.

Currently, the sessions are in a different format due to Covid-19. We are now having weekly video calls with residents, including quizzes, watching videos via screen share and more. Relationships can still be built, and residents can have some connection to the outside world in a time of isolation. One resident has said:

“I felt totally cut off from the world but it is nice to know that there are still people out there in the world that care about us.”

The video below, from 2012, shows the Moose in the Hoose teams in action. It also features Trevor Morrison, whose memory of lost St Kilda tunes and recording of them by an ACE IT volunteer led to the creation of the “Lost Songs of St Kilda” CD. Read more here.