Safeguarding and Protection Code of Conduct

Safeguarding and Protection Code of Conduct


ACE IT Scotland is committed to ensuring its team is responsible for safeguarding andprotecting the welfare of all learners and particularly any ‘adults at risk’.

As an employee, the Safeguarding Code of Conduct and the Safeguarding and Protection Policy and Procedure forms part of your contract of employment. As a volunteer, trustee or contractor it forms part of the agreement for your role. Everyone working at ACE IT, is expected to adhere to this Code and you will be asked to sign and return it as acceptance of your commitment to it. You will be required to participate in learning opportunities on safeguarding and protection and discuss this code with the manager and team.

Code of Conduct Purpose

The Code of Conduct makes clear what is required of the team – employees, trustees, volunteers and contractors.

  • It supports the team in meeting their obligations
  • It enables the team to raise concerns without fear of recrimination, and reduces the risk of misplaced or malicious allegations by clarifying responsibilities.

Team Obligations

  • Report any incidents or concerns that cause you to believe that a learner or ‘adult at risk’ is, or is likely to be, at risk of harm.
  • ACE IT will support any employee, trustee, volunteer or contractor who raises a legitimate concern about the actions of others
  • Refer to ACE IT’s Whistleblowing procedure if you feel an incident or concern cannot be reported to your manager or your manager’s manager

Unacceptable conduct

It is not permissible (and in some instances may be unlawful) for you to:

  • use your position to intimidate, bully, threaten, discriminate against, coerce or undermine any member of the team, learners or ‘adults at risk’
  • behave or communicate with any member of the team, learners or ‘adults at risk’ in ways which seek to build inappropriate relationships to harm or put them at risk
  • use a relationship with a learner or their family for personal gain. Gift-giving and the acceptance of presents should only take place in line with ACE IT’s policy on Business Ethics and Anti Bribery
  • give special rewards or privileges to build inappropriate relationships with learners or ‘adults at risk’
  • engage in, or attempt to engage in, sexual or inappropriate relationships with learners or ‘adults at risk’ for whatever reason, including the use of suggestive conversations, comments, texting or emails
  • possess indecent images of children; this will always be reported to the police regardless of the explanation provided
  • carry out your duties or volunteering whilst adversely affected by alcohol, solvents or drugs
  • encourage or assist others to break the law in any way.

You will conduct yourself in accordance with this Code of Conduct in all your work or volunteering for ACE IT Scotland. Any breach of the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action including dismissal, or the termination of your working agreement or involvement as a volunteer with ACE IT, as appropriate. In certain circumstances, if following investigation breaches of the Code are found, such action will also result in reports to Regulatory bodies, relevant Local Authorities and/or the police, as appropriate.