Feedback from Moose in the Hoose

"It's the highlight of the week, because it is so meaningful. "
"The residents that participate benefit so much from keeping in touch with their loved ones abroad. "
"Engaging with the volunteers on the iPads and chatting and all sorts; we enjoy it very much. "
"It's awfy good "

One-to-one session Feedback

" I came to ACEIT because I saw the importance of IT because everything seemed to be happening online."
" When I have a problem, they always find a solution."
" I was ready to give up; I purchased a new computer but noone had the time to show me how to use it. One day a friend suggested I contact ACEIT. I never looked back. The volunteers are all fantastic and have supported me to use the computer for so many day to day things."

Scams Workshop Feedback

" Very useful. They gave me the confidence to question anything that seems unfamiliar to me, and the knowledge to know what kind of scams are out there."

Feedback from Work.Wise.Women

" This course has given me the confidence to try new things on my laptop and I now have an understanding on how to use it and not feel stupid and inexperienced."

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