Volunteers’ Week 2022: Stuart

Volunteers’ Week 2022: Stuart

Volunteers’ Week runs from 1-7 June every year, and it is a chance to thank all our amazing volunteers here at ACE IT. In 2022, we are highlighting the stories and experiences of some of our volunteers.

After retiring from a career in IT a couple of years ago, Stuart McCruden now volunteers with ACE IT as a one-to-one coach.

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Why do you volunteer?

I volunteer because I wanted to remain active after my retirement and give something back to the community.

What do you find most rewarding about volunteering with ACE IT?

The most rewarding thing is just being able to help clients overcome the problems they have using their laptop, tablet or phone.

What has been your favourite experience while volunteering with ACE IT?

Working with the ACE IT staff. They are very friendly and on hand to help if you get stuck with an issue while working with a client.

What is the most challenging part of volunteering?

It is not a challenge. It is a pleasure.

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